Dear artist,

Do you want to be part of our online book platform? Check our conditions: 

  • you are an artist or collective based in Rotterdam
  • your publication is not older than 5 years  
  • your artistic vision and involvement are central to your publication
  • your book has a retail price below €50  

Do you meet these conditions? Send your proposal with your contact details to with the information below:

  • your contact details
  • short information about your book (a blurb of maximum 150 words)
  • date of issue
  • number of pages
  • size
  • selling price
  • language

If your publication is selected, we will purchase 2 to 5 copies. 

VETGEDRUKT is intended as a non-profit online platform, meant to promote artists’ books. We prefer to purchase selected books, rather than work with a system of consignment. Since we are not allowed to operate as an unfair competitor to other bookshops, we do apply the customary bookshop commission of 30%. The money we earn in this way, is used to purchase new artists’ books.

Any questions? Please contact Nadia & Marieke,  

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